A 5 minute film about artist Sofia Fitzpatrick, featuring her work and the people she collaborates with including, Brett Chan, Mike Watt & Mulga. Sofia is a Sydney based artist who specialises in Skull jewellery. This video was shot over a few days in mid 2017 by myself.

A 5 minute film I made about artist 'Chocolate Einstein', filmed over a couple of days as he paints a mural on the beach wall at Bondi beach, Australia in mid 2017. 

This is a short film about the writer and photographer Brett Hilder with narration by his friend the actress and writer Kate Fitzpatrick. Brett is a stylish devil, very urbane. I liked his moleskin books and Billingham bag and the fact that after 40 years as a photographer including years as a top fashion photographer he is now shooting exclusively on his phone. I made the film because I thought his story was interesting but I also thought maybe one of the brands featured would like to see their product in use and pay us both. Kind of like product placement in a movie but for real.

Paul is one of the cool kids. He does cool art for a living and works in the coolest studio in the coolest part of Sydney. At least he did in 2015 when I made this, since then he moved to LA even cooler right. He looks cool he is handsome and well dressed in an understated arty way, he drinks macchiato's has a cool wife and he is talented and a lovely bloke, easy going and articulate......He has to be an advertisers/brands wet dream doesn't he ? 

I made this nearly ten years ago it features "Team Mundine" training at their home Gym in Redfern, Sydney. This place just oozes raw gritty atmosphere. I thought if you have a sports brand especially a boxing brand that wanted to be associated with these qualities you could give the gear to one of these kids and just follow them to training and back ......and repeat.


All the videos below where made for GQ. They are done very quickly without lights on a shoe string but you get to go to interesting places and meet notable people.....which is nice !