I make short documentary films about artists and athletes, people who dedicate their life to their craft.

My work process is simple, unobtrusive, a one camera documentary set up, designed to put the subject at ease....that's the key.
If the subjected is relaxed, the audience will see the real person.

My films are not staged moments, they are natural moments captured organically as they happen. Let's face it we are all media experts, we have spent our lives watching TV, films and now Utube and we can all spot a faked moment a mile off.
The only way to gain an audiences trust in your authenticity is to be authentic and they only way to gain an audience is to be interesting. Which is why I scout for interesting people, people who have passion for what they do and have sacrificed for it, they put their all into it and if they are funny, quirky and beautiful all the better.

I learnt about stories from my father, he loved telling stories. One of his best mates was a second hand car dealer with a false leg. They would sit in the office of the car show room with a collection of roguish characters and tell tall stories to each other and then they would go to the pub and the stories got better and louder. It was a competition where the best story teller held the stage and that's just the way it is. If you want an audience you have to find the best stories and tell them in an engaging way or the audiences attention will go else where.

I am Sydney based and have a B.A in film production and 25 years of experience as a professional filmmaker and photographer.

Press: Matt Reed "I shoot people" The Stable.

Clients: Hungry Jack's, Clemmenger DDBO, St. Vincent de Paul Society, Volcom, Levis, Ksubi, Six Wolves, China Heights, TripADeal.

Published in: VOGUE, VOGUE Living, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph, Australian Sport & Style, ADNews, Australian CREATIVE Magazine, KURVE Magazine, DAZED Magazine, RUSSH Magazine, BLACK Magazine, LINO Magazine, Milk Book, GQ, Mens Health, Australian Style.

Award : 3rd place in the "Head on"  portrait awards 2013.